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 ENlight PN: 843H2001A
430-Watt ATX 12V 4pin/ 8pin PCI-E 4x SATA 20/24-pin 80mm Fan Power Supply

ENLIGHT 8309964 2X 300W Redundant Power Supply for EN-8950 5U Rack Mount Chassis

EN8309962 300W Redundant Hot-Swappable, Full Size Power Supply

Delta DPS 700EB Redundant Power Supply


4 to mini 3 Pin Cable

20 pin ATX Molex Extension

Front Panel Control Cable

IDE 33 Gray Cable

IDE 33 + Floppy Cable

IEEE 1394 Front Mount Cable

Game + Serial Port  Expansion Slot

Phone Cord

USB 2.0 Front Panel Cable

USB 2.0 Twin Front Case Connection

VGA to LCD Monitor Connection

Front Panel Power & Reset Button Control

Front Panel Power Button & System Speaker Control

Internal Speaker

Front Panel Power Button Cable

Front Panel Reset Button Cable

Front Panel Alarm Button Cable

Power Cord (5 ft. US Spec)

Power Cord (6 ft. AU Spec)

Power Cord (6 ft. EU Spec)

PS2 + Parallel LPT Printer Combo Expansion Bay

Male Crimp Plug for Coax RG-58 C/U

Modular Cables

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Enlight 8982C01 2U Rack Mount Server Case

Black Generic C2228U 3166-03 PC Case

4U Rack Mount Server Case

Vertical or Horizontal Micro ATX 150W PC Case

The Duplicator with 500W ATX PC Case

Beige and Silver 310W ATX PC Case 8812u

Enlight 4208 PC Case

PSU Case  (Fans and Wires only)

CNC custom plate


Foxconn 2U SCSI Ultra 320 Backplane Card


Intel Xeon AMD Opteron Server CPU Heatsink

Sunon 92x92x25mm Medium Speed 3-Pin Fan

Generic 92x92x25mm Case Fan

Generic 80x80x25mm Case Fan

VGA 35mm Cooler

Enlight 8721 SATA Storage Fan

Enlight 2U Server Fan Array Double Row

Delta 50x50x20mm case Fan


Floppy Drive Cover

SONY Floppy Drive

Compaq Keyoard & mouse

Optical Drive Bay Cover

Expansion Slot Cover

Floppy Disks

Fan Fastener Pin

Accuride Mounting Kit

PC Case Thumb Screws

BTC Keyboard

Metal Motherboard I/O Shield

Enlight RL Removable Drive Brackets

Motherboard Mounting Kit

Microsoft Windows NT 4.0

Tube LED Speaker

2U Power Supply Slot Cover

Sharp 146 Ceramic Stereo Audio Turn Table Phono Cartridge 

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IrDA Infrared Drive

IrDA Infrared Drives are natively supported by Windows. Perfect if your cell phone requires native Windows IrDA driver support. Available in 3.5" and 5.25" for installation in a spare drive bay.  Included IR cable connects directly to the IrDA header pins on your motherboard.

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