New 3 Prong AU/NZ 10A 250V AC Power Cord Cable

Brand new power cable cord 3-prong AU/NZ AC power cord cable for Xbox360 and Sony PS3.
This is a long lasting, multi-nation official safety certified, and high-quality cord to power your devices.

  • 6ft Length 
  • 3-Prong AU/NZ
  • Multi-nation official safety certified
  • Black Color

  • Rated at 10 amps 220- 250 volts
    SVT vacuum design

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    IrDA Infrared Drive

    IrDA Infrared Drives are natively supported by Windows. Perfect if your cell phone requires native Windows IrDA driver support. Available in 3.5" and 5.25" for installation in a spare drive bay.  Included IR cable connects directly to the IrDA header pins on your motherboard.

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